Welcome to OOoReport

OOoReport is a report writing tool for OpenOffice.org. With an easy-to-use AutoPilot/"Wizard" approach, OOoReport will read data from any OpenOffice.org data source and turn it into a formatted Calc worksheet. Using Calc commands, you can then preview the report, or print it, or export it to a pdf file ... or use any of the other features of Calc.

OOoReport supports the two commonest types of report:

Tabular reports may also be summarised, have numeric fields sub-totalled, etc.

"But I thought OpenOffice.org had a Report AutoPilot?"

At the time of writing (OpenOffice.org 1.1.1) the built-in Report Autopilot is at an early stage of development, and requires further work.

It also requires you to have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer. This means is does not work on versions of OpenOffice.org which have had Java support disabled - several Linux distributions do this for licence reasons (including common one like RedHat/Fedora)

If the built-in AutoPilot works for you, use it. Otherwise, please try OOoReport.

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